The only purpose-built Security System Software for Superyachts

Soon to become the de facto security product for the industry.

FtekOS incorporates state-of-the-art and unique features that convert it into a stand-alone in the market:

Centralized API providing integrated control of CCTV, Access Control, and Sensor Monitoring / Completely scalable from 30-meter projects to +200m / Zoom & Swipe for the fastest control of cameras, to record and to lock / Real-time mimics and integration to camera views and recorded events / Muster reporting- ON and OFF lists, crew information, security level control based on ISPS ships safety plan / MARSEC level control for the larger vessels / Available for Windows 10 devices, tablets, multi-touch screens and desktop PCs.

Scalable. Flexible. Customizable. Simple to install, as it comes with Frankentek Support.

Purchase it through Frankentek or directly through AV/IT Contractors and Shipyards.