We are industry leaders for a reason.

For over 35 years, we have been paving the way in Superyacht security technology.

With a fleet of 90 yacht security systems flawlessly installed (including 3 of the world’s largest vessels), we established ourselves as a trusting & competent team, always ready to exceed our customer’s expectations.

Letter From Our CEO

We treasure our independence; we believe in transparency; we are committed to protecting, retaining and growing with our clients. We are passionate in the pursuit of excellence in every facet of our work and behaviour, alongside a meticulous attention to detail.

We believe in synergy; in developing and valuing the finest of teams and in positive collaboration with our clients, the shipyards and crews. We are committed to integrity; to a culture that is ethical, respectful and profoundly professional.

J. Marc Franken – CEO

Good Technology is Avant-Garde Technology

The End-User: Our North Star

We engineer and flawlessly install security systems for superyachts.

Since the 1980s we’ve been the lead technology innovators in the superyacht security space with products to meet every evolution of demand in use and application.

These years of design, engineering and installation have equipped us with the savoir faire to seamlessly integrate solutions affording our clients reliance, assurance and sovereignty at sea.

Complexity Anticipated

No two yachts are the same. We are deeply committed to becoming intimately versed in every detail and facet of your crew and yacht. Our team is ready to meet ongoing complex challenges presented throughout the installation of a yacht security system with a welcoming ‘can-do’ attitude and solutions.

Lasting Investments

We believe the definition of quality is longevity and reliability. Since we write our own programs and develop our own graphics, we are able to modify and enhance our system as the project progresses for years to come. We are continuously iterating our technology to ensure it remains cutting-edge. As a result you get a return on investment that continues to perform for years to come.

Expectations met over 90 times

Delivering on time and on budget is something we take seriously. It allows us to run our operations with ease. Thanks to over three decades of experience building and designing custom yacht security systems, we are able to accurately assess the complexity and timeline for each project up front. This directly translates to our customers’ satisfaction with the final product and one of the main reasons we get repeat business.


  • FtekOS

    The only purpose-built Security System Software for Superyachts

    Soon to become the de facto security product for the industry.

    FtekOS incorporates state-of-the-art and unique features that convert it into a stand-alone in the market:

    Centralized API providing integrated control of CCTV, Access Control, and Sensor Monitoring / Completely scalable from 30-meter projects to +200m / Zoom & Swipe for the fastest control of cameras, to record and to lock / Real-time mimics and integration to camera views and recorded events / Muster reporting- ON and OFF lists, crew information, security level control based on ISPS ships safety plan / MARSEC level control for the larger vessels / Available for Windows 10 devices, tablets, multi-touch screens and desktop PCs.

    Scalable. Flexible. Customizable. Simple to install, as it comes with Frankentek Support.

    Purchase it through Frankentek or directly through AV/IT Contractors and Shipyards.


    Frankentek Biometric / Proximity Access Control Reader System

    The InBIO Access Control Reader System with NFC or BLE is the latest addition to the Frankentek Yacht Security Line.

    This new NODE based Access Control system places a controller at each Access-Monitored door. All the peripheral components (door reader, door lock, status switches, REX Button, etc.) are connected to the controller which in turn is tied to the main system computer via a simple network connection.

  • Compod4

    Yacht Entry Control

    The marine industry is chock full of intercoms, call boxes, and other devices to alert you of a visitor at the quayside.

    ComPOD is different not only because of its fresh, stylish design, or the fact that it is not simply a call box, but rather because it is a fully integrated Yacht Entry Control that functions on any 2-Core cable.


    Underwater High definition PTZ Camera & Housing

    A Lloyd’s approved, hull-mounted, underwater HD PTZ camera with a multiple uses.

    Mounted between the rudders, this 1080p camera can aid in making prop and rudder inspections.


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