U.Sea.It Underwater Camera


A real first! A Lloyd's approved, hull-mounted, underwater HD PTZ camera with a multitude of uses.

Mounted between the rudders this 1080p camera can aid in making prop and rudder inspections.

Positioned to provide a view of the stabilizers the U.SEA.IT provides a safe way to make sure they are fully deployed or clear of debris, nets, or lines before getting underway.

But the U.SEA.IT is not only for work, its recreational uses include viewing fish and coral or keeping track of swimmers and divers.

The U.SEA.IT can also be used for a variety of security applications as well. Used in conjunction with our BTH system the camera can be used to identify or verify sonar hits.

The housing is made of cold rolled steel and is welded into the hull. The 50 mm welding area allows for up to a 15 degree mounting angle without special adapters or fairings.

Once welded in to place, the camera can be accessed from inside without needing to dry dock the boat.

Additionally, with the optional cover, the dome can be replaced while the boat is still afloat. A diver would attach the cover, effectively sealing the housing. The camera and dome could then be serviced or replaced from the inside.

The housing contains a water sensor and a heater to eliminate condensation.