ComPOD4 is different because of its fresh, stylish design, or the fact that it is not simply a call box, but rather because it is a fully integrated Yacht Entry Control. All running on a simple flexible 2 core cable. No special CAT cables or large multi-core cables required.

What makes it a Yacht Entry Control?

We offer an IP-based, SIP-enabled intercom that can seamlessly be tied into the ship's digital or analog phone system. Or, the call can be directed to any iDevice or Andriod or pad running a SIP App. So, the watch person can carry the device to answer the call.

A wide-angle HD Face Camera to monitor the boarding area as well as to see who is calling.

A Prox Reader integrated into the ship's Security System; allowing guests and crew members to 'clear a path' on or off the ship without turning off the rest of the system. Once safely on board, the path can be rearmed.

Utilizing a two conductor wiring system, using ethernet of power wire technology. ComPOD4 can easily be integrated into the ship's boarding ladders and Passerelle to provide quayside coverage no matter how the ship is docked. The pole mounted connectors ensure that any unsightly cables are kept out of the way and out of sight.