Frankentek’s 4th generation communication/security system.

We often rely on material items to reflect a good first impression. While Super-yachts command awe from across the docks, the one detail that often goes overlooked is something that sits right in front of it: the call box.

Call boxes reflect the boats tied up behind them. To those approaching, it reflects the technology, security, and the general quality of the vessel and its crew.

Take your dockside presence to a new level. Never before has there been such a well thought out product, purpose built for yachts!

ComPOD4 provides four (4) major functions:

1 - Gives crew members access to the boat while secured

2 - Provides “onboard” & “offboard” status for crew

3 - HD low light Camera monitoring of the Boarding Area

4 - Ability to Call multiple extensions via SIP

Standard Features:

• Marine grade solid milled and anodized aluminum casing

• A sleek water-tight design - Swim-tested to an IP68 rating

• Robust, easily stored and easily deployed

• Easily integrated into both modern and legacy phone systems

• Built-in RFID fob and keycard reader

• Sunlight resistant and readable screen, with a customizable GUI

• Runs on a single flexible two core cable of any type, easily integrated on refits

• One single on-board box (CS1), POE powered, handles 5x connection points

• The ability for ETOs & Engineers to self-install


• 2x 316L handrail stanchion clamps and mounting pole

• 2x Lemo brand connection cables - 3 meter and 7 meter

• 3x Lemo “Yacht side” connector plugs with watertight protection caps

• Plastic and foam molded reusable storage case

Available Options:

• Quay side stand with long pole and Teak and Stainless weighted stand

• Passerelle control buttons requiring authentication RFID or Pin Code

• Alert Mat to send signal when person stands in front of ComPOD

• Lighting Control

• Muster List and Control

• 2x RFID readers for ON-Off registration

• Visitor registration Software App

• Service Spares Repair Kit