Biometric / Proximity Access Control Reader


The InBIO Access Control Reader System is the latest addition to the Frankentek Yacht Security Line.

This new NODE based Access Control system places a door controller at each Access Controlled door. All the peripheral components (door reader, door lock, status switches, REX Button, etc.) are connected to the controller which in turn is tied to the main system computer via a simple network connection.

The system's computer maintains a database of approved users and their security access levels. This architecture allows for one central enrollment point on board and eliminates having to update each Access Controlled door every time there is a Crew change or rotation.

The system also utilizes our new proprietary Biometric / PROX reader. Incorporating both Biometric and Proximity readers allows for the system to provide multiple levels of security at different doors or at different threat levels.

A door can be set for proximity (PROX) or fingerprint read or for both fingerprint and PROX reads. For example, during normal state an Access Controlled door can require only a PROX read to allow access. During heightened security levels, the same door may require a PROX and fingerprint read.

Specifically developed for yachts these Biometric readers can be easily integrated into most interiors while still being fully functional in bright sunlight when mounted outside.

For exterior doors the readers are placed in our specially designed outdoor housing. These exterior housings are made of 316L stainless steel and are IP68 rated. They come complete with cable glands.