Biometric / Proximity Access Control Reader


The InBIO Access Control Reader System is the latest addition to the Frankentek Yacht Security Line.

This new NODE based Access Control system places a door controller at each Access Controlled door. All the peripheral components (door reader, door lock, status switches, REX Button, etc.) are connected to the controller which in turn is tied to the main system computer via a simple network connection.

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The marine industry is chock full of intercoms, call boxes, and other devices to alert you of a visitor at the quayside.

ComPOD is different not only because of its fresh, stylish design, or the fact that it is not simply a call box, but rather because it is a fully integrated Yacht Entry Control.

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U.Sea.It Underwater PTZ Camera


A Lloyd's approved, hull-mounted, underwater HD PTZ camera with a multitude of uses.

Mounted between the rudders this 1080p camera can aid in making prop and rudder inspections.

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Camera Lift

In areas where security and privacy conflict, security usually loses out. That is until now; Frankentek's custom made camera lift provides the perfect solution. CCTV cameras can now be installed and when they are not required, or desired for privacy's sake, the cameras can be retracted up and out of sight.

Replaced with a matching ceiling panel blank the opening is all but invisible. The lifts are constructed completely of stainless steel with automatic, remote, and manual controls.

Shown here during installation with ceiling panel removed for clarity.

Perfect for sensitive areas and areas requiring additional privacy.

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Portable Registration Kit

This portable kit contains everything you need for a fully functioning Registration or Visitor Control Center dockside.

Issue temporary badges or Visitor Passes. The built-in computer allows the crew to enter all visitors and guests right into the ship's database, while the integrated camera provides a quick and easy way to record everyone that has come aboard. Take their picture and print out a temporary pass right on the spot.

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