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Frankentek is the premier yacht security integrator in the world. We work with high profile clients that take security and privacy serious. Our client's privacy is just as important as the system we are providing. We are not at liberty to disclose our clients. Their privacy is our number one priority. We are confident no one covers you on security like Frankentek. Below are a few excerpts from letters we have received:

  • Charlie Baker Super Yacht Industry Consultants
    “For over 10 years and on 4 different new build projects, I have been owners rep or owners technical consultant. On each project I used Frankentek, they provided a professional system and service. They are the ONLY company on our list when it comes to security systems.”
    Charlie Baker Super Yacht Industry Consultants
  • Steve Bates Chief Engineer MY Rahal
    “I recommend them without hesitation and would contract out to them again if the situation arose.”
    Steve Bates Chief Engineer MY Rahal
  • Anthony Browne Captain
    “The system was very user friendly and reliable during my period on board our current vessel. The Owner has specified a Frankentek System on his new build, as he was very satisfied with the system's performance. I have since recommended Marc Franken and his team on two occasions with great success which is punctuated by the excellent support.”
    Anthony Browne Captain
  • Mark Hopking Captain
    “I believe that Frankentek have demonstrated the ability on our vessel to provide a security solution which meets, and often exceeds the operational requirements of a modern yacht. I would have no problem recommending them to any prospective client.”
    Mark Hopking Captain
  • Grant Thompson Captain MY Kogo
    “The system we installed is both logical and easy to understand. As we have a large crew using the system correctly is extremely important. The hardware is of high quality and we have had very few little breakdowns with the system. I would have no hesitation in recommending Frankentek to any yacht requiring a state of the art security system.”
    Grant Thompson Captain MY Kogo
  • Emile Bootsma Captain MY BlueMoon
    “Even after using the Frankentek system for the past 5 years, I have still not seen a better or easier to use system on the market, I would therefore have no hesitation in giving the Frankentek System my highest unreserved recommendation.”
    Emile Bootsma Captain MY BlueMoon
  • William C. Zinser Master MY Cakewalk
    “We have used Frankentek on the last two Cakewalks and their systems worked consistently with very little servicing or repairs. If I were to do a project of any size in the future I would hope to include Frankentek.”
    William C. Zinser Master MY Cakewalk