Why Choose FrAnkentek

Frankentek has been involved with luxury super yacht security systems since 1993. Our company and staff have over 25 years experience in land based security systems for global industry, banking, government, and commerce. We have provided security consulting for the world’s largest corporations. We are the only company dedicated to marine security systems for the super yacht industry.

Each vessel’s system is proprietary and designed to meet the needs of both crew and owner. Every system we install is based on the fundamental and basic principles of great security: access control, intruder detection, notification, surveillance, and reports.

Frankentek Yacht Security is totally dedicated to providing security and access control services to the custom high end yachting market. We are members of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association) and HANA (The Home Automation and Networking Association)and are the most experienced company of our type, which is why many of our customers use us again and again.

Frankentek is all about service. We begin by educating you on all of the life enhancing systems available. Then, to help you make an intelligent decision, we provide you with a comprehensive proposal that itemizes the cost of every item. We will then work with you to coordinate the installation. After we have tested the system fully, we will program the system to your needs and desires, and help you and your crew to become familiar with the operation.

Finally, we are always available to provide service and look forward to hearing from our customers with any requests, suggestions, or changes. We have built this business on referrals so ultimately your happiness is our greatest success.

If you want to know more, or if you are currently working on refitting or building a new custom yacht, you owe it to yourself to call us at (609) 654-6888 or email us to find out what you might be missing.