The InBIO Access Control Reader System is the latest addition to the Frankentek Yacht Security Line.

This new NODE based Access Control system places a door controller at each Access Controlled door. All the peripheral components (door reader, door lock, status switches, REX Button, etc.) are connected to the controller which in turn is tied to the main system computer via a simple network connection.

The system’s computer maintains a database of approved users and their security access levels. This architecture allows for one central enrollment point on board and eliminates having to update each Access Controlled door every time there is a Crew change or rotation.

The system also utilizes our new proprietary Biometric / PROX reader. Incorporating both Biometric and Proximity readers allows for the system to provide multiple levels of security at different doors or at different threat levels.

A door can be set for proximity (PROX) or fingerprint read or for both fingerprint and PROX reads. For example, during normal state an Access Controlled door can require only a PROX read to allow access. During heightened security levels, the same door may require a PROX and fingerprint read.

Specifically developed for yachts these Biometric readers can be easily integrated into most interiors while still being fully functional in bright sunlight when mounted outside.

For exterior doors the readers are placed in our specially designed outdoor housing. These exterior housings are made of 316L stainless steel and are IP68 rated. They come complete with cable glands.




The marine industry is chock full of intercoms, call boxes, and other devices to alert you of a visitor at the quayside.

ComPOD is different not only because of its fresh, stylish design, or the fact that it is not simply a call box, but rather because it is a fully integrated Yacht Entry Control.

What makes it a Yacht Entry Control?

We offer an IP-based, SIP-enabled intercom that can seamlessly be tied into the ship’s digital or analog phone system.

A wide-angle Face Camera to monitor the boarding area as well as to see who is calling.

A Biometric/Prox Reader integrated into the ship’s Security System; allowing guests and crew members to “clear a path” on or off the ship without turning off the rest of the system. Once safely on board, the path can be rearmed. The Biometric Reader ensures that lost cards or fobs are not a problem. We can also mount the reader of an existing system to integrate ComPOD into your system.

Utilizing a two plug system, ComPOD can easily be integrated into the ship’s boarding ladders and passerelles to provide quayside coverage no matter how the ship is docked. The pole mounted connectors ensure that any unsightly cables are kept out of the way and out of sight.

The included Rail Clamps allow you to use ComPOD without the base mounted to the passerelle or the boarding ladder rails.




A real first! A Lloyd’s approved, hull-mounted, underwater HD PTZ camera with a multitude of uses.

Mounted between the rudders this 1080p camera can aid in making prop and rudder inspections.

Positioned to provide a view of the stabilizers the U.SEA.IT provides a safe way to make sure they are fully deployed or clear of debris, nets, or lines before getting underway.

But the U.SEA.IT is not only for work, its recreational uses include viewing fish and coral or keeping track of swimmers and divers.

The U.SEA.IT can also be used for a variety of security applications as well. Used in conjunction with our BTH system the camera can be used to identify or verify sonar hits.

The housing is made of cold rolled steel and is welded into the hull. The 50 mm welding area allows for up to a 15 degree mounting angle without special adapters or fairings.

Once welded in to place, the camera can be accessed from inside without needing to dry dock the boat.

Additionally, with the optional cover, the dome can be replaced while the boat is still afloat. A diver would attach the cover, effectively sealing the housing. The camera and dome could then be serviced or replaced from the inside.

The housing contains a water sensor and a heater to eliminate condensation.



PID-Buss ONE-WIRE SystemFrankentek's unique ONE-WIRE System uses wiring technology requiring only a single cable loop to be run on each deck, with each loop having up to 32 devices communicating.

By reducing home run cabling, this multiplex addressable system minimizes wire costs by over 80 percent.

The ONE-WIRE modules are designed for contact closure, analog deck sensor processing and relay outputs. All doors, hatches, deck sensors and exterior motorized door buttons can be controlled from the security system touch screens, including control and sensitivity adjustments (SEE PHOTO). This makes changes, like adding a new device to the system, a programming option rather than a new cable run.

Not only can this loop be used for security monitoring, it can also be used for service call buttons. This unique product has been developed and proven by Frankentek on yacht projects for more than five years.



Camera LiftIn areas where security and privacy conflict, security usually loses out. That is until now; Frankentek's custom made camera lift provides the perfect solution. CCTV cameras can now be installed and when they are not required, or desired for privacy's sake, the cameras can be retracted up and out of sight.

Replaced with a matching ceiling panel blank the opening is all but invisible. The lifts are constructed completely of stainless steel with automatic, remote, and manual controls.

Shown here during installation with ceiling panel removed for clarity.

Perfect for sensitive areas and areas requiring additional privacy.



Portable Registration KitThis portable kit contains everything you need for a fully functioning Registration or Visitor Control Center dockside.

Issue temporary badges or Visitor Passes. The built-in computer allows the crew to enter all visitors and guests right into the ship's database, while the integrated camera provides a quick and easy way to record everyone that has come aboard. Take their picture and print out a temporary pass right on the spot.

We even provided a storage box for the collateral credentials.

The kit includes a sunlight readable laptop, USB camera and monitor,integrated phone, printer, In and Out Prox readers and a built in light for night time use.

There is also storage for credentials and supplies.



Hardening and Safe RoomsHardening of yachts to mitigate and contain small arms fire including high velocity rifle rounds and blasts. Frankentek can help in the design and outfitting of safe areas and fortifying egress ways to provide protection against armed assaults. Our ballistic materials are placed in the walls, floors and ceilings, staying out of the way and out of sight of the interior aesthetics while providing peace of mind.