Frankentek Yacht security Systems

Any super yacht is an attraction, and people always want to know what is inside. However, intruders are also attracted by their air of luxury and celebrity. It is the value of objects such as passports, cameras, jewelry, cash, laptops, electronics and other personal belongings that attracts thieves. To them, the opulence of a super yacht means 'big money'.

To protect these yachts, most other companies would basically install a land based system, similar to one used in a building, store, or house. However, such designs simply do not work.

A yacht is a very busy place, with numerous people constantly coming and going. A dozen or so crew, workmen, day workers, sales people, technicians, deliveries, guests and family are all permitted on board, so a typical land-based alarm system will hardly ever get used.

The only adequate security system for a super yacht is based on early detection with immediate notification for a proper verified response. This is accomplished by using sensors on the decks, switches on all entries, and access control devices; the crew is alerted via pagers, camera views that follow the intruder and graphic touch screen mimics that provide status and simplified control. Access control is provided on the crew entry, main entry and engine room. Additional areas to control can include owner and guest areas, the bridge and the captain's cabin.

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